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Mineral Paints & Painting Classes

Fusion Mineral Paint

Established in 1989, Fusion mineral paints continues to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality non-toxic paints. For us it’s about making the right choices and doing the right thing. That is why we are a proud supplier of Fusion paint. Come in to see some of the wonderful and vibrant colors we have in stock.

Fusion mineral paint logo
Three paint brushes with blue, pink, and purple fusion mineral paint on them.
Logo for The Painted Photographer

Artistic Creations from The Painted Photographer

Our shop also features painted works from Connie Hemmer,
a local artist and friend. Check out her Facebook page,
The Painted Photographer, to learn more.

Painting Class – Quilt Boards

June 5th & June 19th, 2018


Hedlund Agency, 2nd floor

  • Pick your pattern and your colors
  • Class is $30 per person
  • Contact us at 715-748-2770

Paint Colors – Fusion Mineral Paint

Seven jars of Fusion mineral paint in assorted colors
21 jars of Fusion mineral paint with 7 assorted colors.
Stool, tea pot and frame painted with the color Champain from Fusion mineral paint
A frame, and wood box painted with Fusion mineral paint Chocolate
A chair and table painted with Coal Black Fusion mineral paint



Coal Black

Cabinet, and mason jar painted with Chamness Fusion mineral paint.


Dresser, plate and tissue box painted with Ceramic Fusion mineral paint.


Chari, and hand tool painted with Renfrew Blue Fusion mineral paint
Small table and box painted with Cathedral Taupe Fusion mineral paint
Door, table, and tea pot painted in Casement Fusion mineral paint.

Renfrew Blue

Cathedral Taupe


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